1.   GameADzone

1.1   User Data Collection

Our primary goal in collecting information is to provide you a better experience with the application or gaming services.

When the user downloads the app from any platform hence we may collect certain device information including the following:

  • Device make, model and operating system
  • Device properties related to screen size and orientation, audio volume and battery, device memory usage
  • Country, time zone and local settings (country and preferred language)
  • Network connection type and speed
  • IP Address
  • Internet browser user-agent used to access the Services
  • Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA).

This type of information may include transactional data related to  user interaction with an application, such as information about the actions taken in an application like purchases or application installations. We may also collect certain types of information automatically, including through the use of Cookies. You can control or disable the use of cookies at the individual browser level on your device.


  1. GameADzone does not store any user’s personal information or data through the application.
  2. No Permission required to run the application.

1.2   Payment Terms

The developer may be able to reclaim the earnest money deposit that must settle his or her account within 30 days from the requested date and the developer needs to provide account details to GameADzone for processing the earnest money.

1.3   Security Authentication

When developer logins to the GameADzone site by using his/her valid login credential then, they will get a one time password (OTP) on his/her registered mobile number for a successful login and it is the second layer of security authentication.

In case if the developer lost the registered mobile number then, he/she can contact GameADzone support team.

1.4   Sensitive Category

If developer includes any sensitive categories data, logo, images, etc that are irrelevant or belongs to above 13+ age category hence in this case, GameADzone will not approve this kind of application however developer needs to modify and remove those irrelevant data to approve successfully.

1.5   AdUnit Or AdPlacement

AdPlacement is a specific group of ad units on which an advertiser can choose to place their ads (Banner, Full, More Games) using placement targeting and it would be decided and taken care by the GameADzone however GameADzone will make sure it will not impact on the user revenues.


2.   Paid Campaign (Advertising)

2.1   Quality Check

In case, app installation count is less or it is not user-friendly hence GameADzone will help the developer to increase the quality of the app as well as share the tactics/ideas to increase the installation count and make it user-friendly to capture the more user attention.

2.2   Fraudulent Activity

If any fraudulent activity will be performed by the developer i.e SDK bypass, false, the route through the GameADzone, etc. then, GameADzone will have reserve the right to take relevant action against the developer or respective stakeholder.

2.3   Window Check (7 days)

If any user redirects the app and downloads within 7 days hence it would be considered that count of GameADzone.

2.4   PrePayment (Advertisement)

If any developer wants to start the campaign hence they will have PrePayment and PostPayment options however developer can do prepayment at any time on the GameADzone website or else in case of post-payment developer needs to intimate with GameADzone team.

2.5   Property Copyright

The developer cannot publish any third party logo, icon or any irrelevant data which is not relevant to the developer application.

2.6   Tax and Cost

GameADzone is not charging any kind of convenience fee or any other online payment charges however it depends on the gateway processing fees that are taken care of payment gateway companies or parties if they charge any fees.


3.   AdMob

3.1   Mediation with AdMob

If AdMob does not provide any ad hence GameADzone will have access to publish their ad or if AdMob provides the ad but it is less revenue generating then, GameADzone can publish their ad to increase the revenue.

3.2   AdMob Ad Units (Native Ads, banners, full)

The developer will have AdMob and Ad Units settings access and managed by them only to create, customize Ad units on the Ads page.

3.3   Account Termination

If the developer does not follow AdMob Policy or AdMob policy violations occur from any reason and developer account has been terminated or blocked by the google hence GameADzone would not be responsible for this kind of activities.


4.   Google Play Policy

4.1   Policy

If the developer does not follow Google policy or policy violations occur from any reason then, application and developer account have been terminated or blocked by the google hence GameADzone would not be responsible for this kind of activities.

4.2   Coppa and Family Category

As of now, GameADzone does not support COPPA (children under 13 years of age) and family categories gaming.

4.3   Account Termination

If any reason developer account has been terminated hence GameADzone would not be responsible for any actions taken as per Google policy or other third party policies.


5.   Google Ad Manager Policy

5.1   Policy

GameADzone can cease payments, If developer uses a given Google Ad Manager Ad unit & GameADzone Unique key for other than specific application/game.

If any reason Google Ad Manager account has been terminated hence GameADzone would not be responsible for any actions taken as per Google Ad Manager policy.


GameADzone will take 10% share on Google Ad Manager revenue where Google Ad Manager Account will be managed by GameADzone.



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